Prepare your stay in Albania

After reading this article, Albania will have no more secrets for you. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, retained hotels and comfortable accommodations, and gathered useful information about transportation. This article is accompanied by several maps of Albania.

Where to stay in Albania

in Albania we also note the presence of very good hotels.

The 5-star hotels in Albania

If it is for you an imperative to have a luxury hotel during your stay in Albania, we can already tell you that the establishments 5 stars in Albania are really excellent. Follow our advice to choose among the best 5-star hotels Albania.

In Albania and in the immediate surroundings there is an important offer of 5-star hotels. Not always easy to pick the good ones. Fortunately we are here to guide you in your choice.

4-star hotels in Albania

The 4-star hotels in Albania are excellent. Your stay should be all good on the hosting plan. To help you in your choice, here is some useful information.

You make good choice if you book at Hotel Rezidenca Desaret (one of the best option in Bérat), at Kerculla Resort (a extraordinary establishment ) or at Sky 2 Hotel.

3-star hotels in Albania

Good options are: Hotel Oresti Center (one of the best choices in Tirana), at Areela Boutique Hotel (a excellent establishment) or Rose Garden Hotel.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Albania? The best place to stay in Albania is at The Plaza Tirana in Tirana.

What is the best 5 stars hotel in Albania? The best 5 stars hotel in Albania is the Larg Zhurmes*****CountryHouse in Dais-Barbas.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Albania? The best 4 stars hotel in Albania is the Hotel Rezidenca Desaret in Bérat.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Albania? The best 3 stars hotel in Albania is the Hotel Oresti Center in Tirana.

What is the best 2 stars hotel in Albania? The best 2 stars hotel in Albania is the Rooms Emiliano in Krujë.

What to do in Albania

But we could not summarize in Albania at these three sites: go also to Tirana International Hotel, National Art Gallery Of Albania, Dajti National Park, Rozafa Castle, Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park, Tomorr Mountain National Park and Divjaka Karavasta National Park.

Museums in Albania

In Albania the main museums to visit are National Art Gallery Of Albania, Durrës Archaeological Museum and Museum Of Apollonia.

Also be interested in Bunk’Art 2, House Of Leaves, Skanderbeg Museum, National Museum Of Photography, Bunk’Art, Natural Sciences Museum Of Albania and National Archaeological Museum Of Korçë. Other museums may also interest you as National Museum Of Weapons.

Palaces and castles in Albania

During your stay in Albania, do not forget to visit some castles and palaces: Pallati I Brigadave, Butrint National Park and Lura Mountain.

Places of workship in Albania

If you want to visit one or more places of workship in Albania, we recommend you in priority Xhemahallë Complex and Parruca Mosque.

Natural parks in Albania

Among the natural parks in Albania and around, we recommend you to visit Butrint National Park, Lura Mountain and Theth National Park.

But in Albania is not limited to these three natural parks: Dajti National Park, Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park, Tomorr Mountain National Park, Divjaka Karavasta National Park, Valbonë Valley National Park, Shtamë Pass National Park and Llogara National Park are also worthy of interest. There are other natural parks in Albania, among others National Park - Fir Of Hotova, Zall-Gjoçaj National Park, Prespa National Park and National Park Bredhi I Drenovës.

Maps of Albania

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