Prepare your trip in Macau

Not always easy to organize your stay to Macau, fortunately we have gathered here all the useful information. We have selected the best of in Macau to guide you on your journey, retained hotels with good prices and amenities, and collected tips for transportation. Maps and maps are there so you can locate yourself.

Where to stay in Macau

The offer in Macau mainly consists of 4 or 5 star hotels and their perceived quality is overall . in Macau the hotels are more or less similar, and in any case in terms of quality there is little difference from one establishment to another : be careful at the value for money and do not hesitate to pay a little more and not regret the quality.

The 5-star hotels in Macau

Macau is definitely a good choice for a luxury stay in a 5-star establishment. Hotels in this category are well known and you should not be disappointed. Follow our advice to book the best!

In Macau and in the immediate surroundings there is an important offer of 5-star hotels. Not always easy to pick the good ones. Fortunately we are here to guide you in your choice.

4-star hotels in Macau

You will be able to find a correct 4-star hotel in Macau despite the fact that the overall quality level in this category is rather average. To help you choose, read the following information carefully.

You make good choice if you book at Studio City Hotel (one of the best option in Macau), at Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central (a pleasant establishment ) or at City of Dreams- The Countdown Hotel.

3-star hotels in Macau

Good options are: Macau Hotel S - Formerly - Macau Hotel Sun Sun (one of the best choices in Macau), at Macau Masters Hotel (a rather correct establishment) or Inn Hotel Macau.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Macau? The best place to stay in Macau is at The Venetian Macao in Macau.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Macau? The best 4 stars hotel in Macau is the Studio City Hotel in Macau.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Macau? The best 3 stars hotel in Macau is the Macau Hotel S - Formerly - Macau Hotel Sun Sun in Macau.

What is the best 2 stars hotel in Macau? The best 2 stars hotel in Macau is the Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel in Macau.

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What to do in Macau

The other best tourist attractions in Macau are Museum Of Macau, A-Ma Temple, St. Joseph'S Seminary And Church, Macau Government Headquarters, St Lawrence'S Church, St. Joseph The Worker Church and Robuchon Á Galera.

Museums in Macau

Some museums may interest you during your stay in Macau: Museum Of Macau, Grand Prix Museum and Macau Wine Museum.

In Macau there are other interesting museums: Macao Science Center, Museum Of Taipa And Coloane History, Lin Zexu Memorial Museum Of Macau, Núcleo Museológico Da Santa Casa Da Misericórdia De Macau and Aomen Jiao Ke Wen Zhong Xin.

Theme parks in Macau

Some theme parks may interest you during your stay in Macau: Macau Fisherman'S Wharf.

Places of workship in Macau

If you want to visit one or more places of workship in Macau, we recommend you in priority Ruins Of St. Paul'S, St. Dominic'S Church and Igreja Da Sé.

Other places of workship are worth visiting, such as A-Ma Temple, St. Joseph'S Seminary And Church, St Lawrence'S Church, St. Anthony'S Church, St. Augustine'S Church, St. Lazarus' Church and St. Joseph The Worker Church. If you want to visit other places of workship, less known but no less interesting, here are some suggestions: Our Lady Of Carmel Church, Macau, Templo De Kun Iam Tong, Igreja De São Francisco Xavier and Capela De Nossa Senhora Da Guia (Macau).

Maps of Macau

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