American Samoa

Tourism in American Samoa: what you need to know

All info to organize his trip have been gathered in this article. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, retained hotels and quality accommodation, and gathered valuable information about local transport. Maps and maps are there so you can locate yourself.

Where to stay in American Samoa

in American Samoa almost a third of the hotels are actually 4-star hotels.

4-star hotels in American Samoa

In American Samoa and in the immediate vicinity there is a 4-star establishment, the Tradewinds Hotel. This is a correct hotel.

3-star hotels in American Samoa

The best choice will undoubtedly be the Sadie''s by the Sea, an establishment overall okay. Consider also the Sadie Thompson Inn, which is rather not bad.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in American Samoa? The best place to stay in American Samoa is at Tradewinds Hotel in Tafuna.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in American Samoa? The best 3 stars hotel in American Samoa is the Sadie''s by the Sea in Utulei.

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