Tourism in Liberia: what you need to know

Find here all the information you need to plan your stay in Liberia. We have selected best things to do on site and around, selected hotels whose price is consistent with the services, and gathered information to get there. Maps and maps are there so you can locate yourself.

Where to stay in Liberia

In Liberia to sleep you will find mainly hotels and they are overall overall correct. in Liberia are serious about choosing your hotel because the quality of the establishments is not very homogeneous : do not be fooled, before even looking at the price, eliminate from your comparison the hotels noted by the customers (most online booking sites display the opinions of customers). Or to make it easier, choose one of the hotels recommended in this article.

4-star hotels in Liberia

Looking for a good 4-star hotel in Liberia? By coming in Liberia you can find your happiness... or not. In general, the 4-star hotel offer is poor. We must be vigilant and carefully peel the comments of customers (the links in this article refer to the top rated hotels). Follow our advice to book the best!

You make good choice if you book at Boulevard Palace (one of the best option in Monrovia), at Bella Casa Hotel (a below the average establishment ) or at Palm Spring Resort.

3-star hotels in Liberia

The best choice will undoubtedly be the City hotel, an establishment correct. Consider also the Executive Inn, which is not perfect but rather correct.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Liberia? The best place to stay in Liberia is at Boulevard Palace in Monrovia.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Liberia? The best 4 stars hotel in Liberia is the Boulevard Palace in Monrovia.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Liberia? The best 3 stars hotel in Liberia is the City hotel in Monrovia.

What to do in Liberia

The other best tourist attractions in Liberia are Lofa-Mano National Park, Cape Mount Nature Conservation Unit and Ducor Intercontinental Hotel.

Natural parks in Liberia

During your stay in Liberia, do not forget to visit some natural parks: Sapo National Park, Ducor Hotel and Hotel Africa.

Maps of Liberia

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Photos of Liberia

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