What you need to know about Syria

Find all the information to prepare your trip. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, retained hotels and quality accommodation, and gathered useful information about transportation. and for your convenience we’ve illustrated this articles with several maps.

Where to stay in Syria

It will be difficult to find accommodation in Syria (to our knowledge there would be no hotel structure or guest houses).

What to do in Syria

Depending on the time you have to visit Syria, consider the visit of Khan As'Ad Pasha, Salkhad, National Museum Of Aleppo, Baron Hotel, Mausoleum Of Saladin, Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier and Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Tortosa.

Museums in Syria

In Syria the main museums to visit are National Museum Of Aleppo, Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Tortosa and National Museum Of Latakia.

Archeological sites in Syria

During your stay in Syria, do not forget to visit some archeological sites: Damascus, Palmyra and Arwad.

Salkhad are also worth visiting.

Places of workship in Syria

In Syria do not miss the cultural visits such as Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Tortosa.

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