Sint Maarten

Tourism in Sint Maarten: what you need to know

Find all the information to prepare your trip. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, found hotels and comfortable accommodations, and gathered useful information about transportation. On the practical side we illustrate our words with maps and pictures of Sint Maarten.

Where to stay in Sint Maarten

In Sint Maarten to sleep you will find mainly hotels and we can say that they are usually are correct. The hotels in Sint Maarten offer roughly similar services but there are some exceptions : be careful at the value for money and do not hesitate to pay a little more and not regret the quality.

The 5-star hotels in Sint Maarten

If you read this paragraph it is because you are looking above all for a luxury hotel. No question of compromising quality for your stay in Sint Maarten. There are some very good 5 star hotels, but not all of them are equal. If you're in a hurry, just read the following tips for choosing the best hotel Sint Maarten.

In Sint Maarten and in the immediate surroundings you will find some 5-star accommodations. We recommend that you book the longest in advance to have good rates, and to make sure there is availability available for you.

4-star hotels in Sint Maarten

Looking for a good 4-star hotel in Sint Maarten? By coming in Sint Maarten you should be able to find your happiness. To help you in your choice, here is some useful information.

You make good choice if you book at Atrium Beach Resort & Spa (one of the best option in Simpson Bay), at Mary''s Boon Beach Plantation Resort & Spa (a correct establishment ) or at Commodore Suites.

3-star hotels in Sint Maarten

Good options are: Holland House Beach Hotel (one of the best choices in Philipsburg), at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort (a good establishment) or Sea View Beach Hotel.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Sint Maarten? The best place to stay in Sint Maarten is at Simpson Bay Beach Resort and Marina in Simpson Bay.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Sint Maarten? The best 4 stars hotel in Sint Maarten is the Atrium Beach Resort & Spa in Simpson Bay.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Sint Maarten? The best 3 stars hotel in Sint Maarten is the Holland House Beach Hotel in Philipsburg.

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What to do in Sint Maarten

During your stay in Sint Maarten, do not miss Raoul Illidge Sports Complex and Sonesta Maho Resort.

Maps of Sint Maarten

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