Going to to Nauru? All travel info is here

Not always easy to organize your stay to Nauru, fortunately we have gathered here all the useful information. We have selected the best activities to do in Nauru, retained hotels and quality accommodation, and collected information to get there. This article is illustrated with many maps and photos.

Where to stay in Nauru

It will be difficult to find accommodation in Nauru (to our knowledge there would be no hotel structure or guest houses).

What to do in Nauru

We recommend visiting first Menen Hotel and Od-N-Aiwo Hotel.

Maps of Nauru

Localisation of Nauru on a world map ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Regional map of Nauru ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Detailed location map of Nauru ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Photos of Nauru

Discover in Nauru