Everything about Sudan

After reading this article, Sudan will have no more secrets for you. We have targeted a list of the best activities to do in Sudan, retained hotels and quality accommodation, and gathered practical tips for getting to Sudan. Many maps are provided to help you find your way.

Where to stay in Sudan

We have no particular recommendation for your accommodation in Sudan.

What to do in Sudan

But there are many other interesting things to visit as Radom National Park, Khalifa House Museum, Acropole Hotel, Suakin Archipelago National Park and Osama Bin Laden'S House In Khartoum.

Museums in Sudan

For museums in Sudan, visit in this order Khalifa House Museum.

Archeological sites in Sudan

In Sudan visit in priority Meroë.

Natural parks in Sudan

In Sudan you can visit natural parks such as Dinder National Park, Radom National Park and Suakin Archipelago National Park.

Maps of Sudan

Localisation of Sudan on a world map ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Regional map of Sudan ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Detailed location map of Sudan ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Photos of Sudan

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