Prepare your stay in Palau

Not always easy to organize your stay to Palau, fortunately we have gathered here all the useful information. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, found hotels and comfortable accommodations, and gathered practical tips for getting to Palau. This article is illustrated with many maps and photos.

Where to stay in Palau

In Palau for accommodation there are mostly hotels and in terms of quality, we can say that in general they are overall correct. From one hotel to another you will find significant differences in terms of quality : to make the right choice, look at the listings of the hotels we recommend in this article, and choose based on current promotions, taking care to have eliminated from your comparisons the lowest rated establishments.

The 5-star hotels in Palau

If you read this paragraph it is because you are looking above all for a luxury hotel. No question of compromising quality for your stay in Palau. There are some very good 5 star hotels, but not all of them are equal. Here are some recommendations for choosing a very good luxury hotel.

In Palau and in the immediate surroundings you will find three 5-star establishments: the Palau Pacific Resort, the Palau Royal Resort and the The Pristine Villas and Bungalows at Palau Pacific Resort. For example, you can book at Palau Pacific Resort (one of the best choices at Koror), at Palau Royal Resort (a pleasant establishment) or at The Pristine Villas and Bungalows at Palau Pacific Resort.

4-star hotels in Palau

In Palau hotels are renowned for their good infrastructure and the comfort of their rooms. To help you in your choice, here is some useful information.

You make good choice if you book at Palau Hotel (one of the best option in Koror), at Garden Palace Downtown Koror (a majestic establishment ) or at Palasia Hotel.

3-star hotels in Palau

Good options are: Ms Pinetrees Hostel (one of the best choices in Koror), at Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa (a very correct establishment) or G.A.U. Mechang Lagoon Resort.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Palau? The best place to stay in Palau is at Palau Pacific Resort in Koror.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Palau? The best 4 stars hotel in Palau is the Palau Hotel in Koror.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Palau? The best 3 stars hotel in Palau is the Ms Pinetrees Hostel in Koror.

What to do in Palau

In Palau has several interesting tourist sites like Belau National Museum and Hotel Nikko Palau.

Museums in Palau

In Palau you can visit museums such as Belau National Museum.

Maps of Palau

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Photos of Palau

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