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Retrouvez toutes les infos pour bien préparer son voyage. We have targeted the best things to do on the spot, retained hotels and quality accommodation, and gathered valuable information about local transport. To help you we have plans and maps Kosovo.

Where to stay in Kosovo

In Kosovo for accommodation there are mostly hotels and the quality of the services is very pleasant. Hotels in this category offer benefits that vary greatly from one institution to another  : so be vigilant, follow your feeling to make a decision, and follow our advice.

The 5-star hotels in Kosovo

You will be able to easily find a very good 5-star hotel in Kosovo because hotels there are famous for having an excellent level of service, with benefits of very high level. Here are some ways to help you book the best.

In Kosovo and in the immediate surroundings there is an important offer of 5-star hotels. Not always easy to pick the good ones. Fortunately we are here to guide you in your choice.

4-star hotels in Kosovo

A trip in Kosovo without having a 4-star hotel? No way. On the other hand it will be necessary to be careful during the reservation because some establishments are - in our opinion - rather average: their equipments make them eligible for the 4 stars range but their level of comfort is pretty poor. Follow our advice to book the best!

You make good choice if you book at Hotel Sirius (one of the best option in Prishtine), at Hotel Centrum Prizren (a wonderful establishment ) or at Hotel Begolli.

3-star hotels in Kosovo

Good options are: Hotel Prizreni (one of the best choices in Prizren), at Hotel Prima (a wonderful establishment) or Hotel LaCorte Prishtina.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Kosovo? The best place to stay in Kosovo is at Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina in Prishtine.

What is the best 4 stars hotel in Kosovo? The best 4 stars hotel in Kosovo is the Hotel Sirius in Prishtine.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Kosovo? The best 3 stars hotel in Kosovo is the Hotel Prizreni in Prizren.

What is the best 2 stars hotel in Kosovo? The best 2 stars hotel in Kosovo is the Hotel Konstantin in Prishtine.

What to do in Kosovo

But we could not summarize in Kosovo at these three sites: go also to National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna, Mirusha Park and City Museum Of Mitrovica.

Museums in Kosovo

During your stay in Kosovo, do not forget to visit some museums: Kosovo Museum, Jashar Pasha Mosque and Ethnographic Museum Gjakova.

Places of workship in Kosovo

In Kosovo visit in priority Jashar Pasha Mosque.

Natural parks in Kosovo

Among the natural parks in Kosovo and around, we recommend you to visit National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna and Mirusha Park.

Maps of Kosovo

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