Tourism in Chad: what you need to know

Here you will find all the information you need to organize your trip to Chad. We have targeted for you the best activities to do on site, found hotels of good standing, and gathered useful information about transportation. And we are doing our best to illustrate our words with maps and pictures.

Where to stay in Chad

More than half of thein Chadaccommodations are hotels (several categories are represented) and the qualitative feeling is generally basic and correct. in Chad do not spend too much time comparing hotels because - with a few exceptions - are of similar quality To make the right choice, look at the listings of the hotels we recommend in this article, and choose based on current promotions.

The 5-star hotels in Chad

In Chad and in the immediate surroundings you will find two 5-star establishments: the Ledger Plaza N''Djamena Hotel and the Le Pilotis. The best choice will probably be Ledger Plaza N''Djamena Hotel, an institution basic but correct. Consider also the Le Pilotis, which is .

3-star hotels in Chad

In Chad and in the immediate surroundings you will find three 3-star establishments: the La Residence Hotel NDjamena, the Mercure N''djamena Le Chari and La Mirande Hôtel Tchad.

Questions and Answers

What is the best hotel in Chad? The best place to stay in Chad is at Ledger Plaza N''Djamena Hotel in NʼDjamena.

What is the best 3 stars hotel in Chad? The best 3 stars hotel in Chad is the La Residence Hotel NDjamena in NʼDjamena.

What to do in Chad

But we could not summarize in Chad at these three sites: go also to Sena Oura National Park, Goz Beïda National Park and Aouk National Park.

Natural parks in Chad

Some natural parks may interest you during your stay in Chad: Zakouma National Park, Manda National Park and Sena Oura National Park.

Those planning to stay in Chad for a long time will be able to visit other natural parks such as Goz Beïda National Park and Aouk National Park.

Maps of Chad

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Photos of Chad

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